My name is Orly Devor.
I am a mother for three (and a dog).
I am a software engineer in my profession but an artist in my soul. I used to be in High tech but now I am a puppeteer and an artist.
I have my own puppet theatre and I create illustrations and animations using leftover vegetables and everyday objects I find around the house.

My studio is my kitchen.
My home objects talk to me.
A nose peeps from a door knob. A strainer with a big belly cries that she is fat. A sharpener barks furiously at me. A pencil tells me how the eraser silences him. Just yesterday a carrot smiled at me from the cutting board and a potato looked at me sadly when I made mashed potatoes.

Come join me on a journey.
Traveling to my inspiration and creativity places.
In my backpack I have a hysterical pencil, a smart Mouse, and a camera with a mind of its own. In my Wallet Monopoly money bills shout at me "do not waste" when I touch them. I get on my grater carpet and fly. It pricks my back a little bit, but at least I am on the way.


Orly Devor Tel: 972-52-3446506 orlydevor@gmail.com