Shaving Brush

Today I met a hysterical shaving brush in the corridor

 "What happened to you?" I asked her
"I cannot stand the new shaving cream" she wailed, "It smells terrible. It makes me sick"
" "Try a few days," I said, "Maybe you'll get used to it
"Maybe you can talk to your husband?" She pleaded, "I loved the old cream. It smelled wonderful. The smell would stay with me all day long. I was a real junkie. All the other brushes wanted to be my friends just to absorb some of this smell . now everyone runs away from me. Everyone laughs at me. No one wants to be my friend anymore. The new shaving cream smells like toilet. I stink all the time. 
"I do'nt think he would agree", I replied sadly, "He bought 10 cans of this shaving cream really cheap and he proudly tells everyone what an amazing deal he got.
"Don't you think it stinks?", She asked me
"Yes. You're right. It has a toilet smell but I don't want to spoil his joy so I say nothing"
"Oh, I am having a break down, what can I do? 10 cans? It will take years," she cried hysterically and jumped into the toilet

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