Kitchen Parade

This morning when I woke up I went to the kitchen to make coffee. When I reached out my hand to the pink kettle, he boiled at me with rage, rocked on his bottom and blew a steam at me from his spout. "Move!" he exclaimed, "You're interrupting. Don't you see that there is a parade here?" I turned to the right. A Kitchen tools parade appeared on the kitchen marble. mixer giraffe went first, followed by a strainer with blue legs and behind trailed a green handle and a gray grater with a blue head



"Move out of the way", they called and raised their heads proudly

"what is the parade for?" I asked

"The green ceramic parade", they chorused, "Exactly one year ago the ceramic was replaced in the kitchen. This is the anniversary of the green ceramic. We trained all year for this parade. We march along the green ceramic from the oven to dining table and back". I looked around. On the toaster, on the shelves, on the windowsill, all the kitchen residents are crowding, waving flags and shouting encouragement to the marchers. "This is a day of celebration. Everyone has vacation", the kettle blew at me"," If you want breakfast go somewhere else

I got into my car and drove to the coffee shop down town. I had an amazing breakfast and I wrote this post. I wish there was a parade every day

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